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Subject: Re: Neutrik Connector Pricing

From: "Mark T" <mmt@...
Date: 1999-07-28

Sorry about that folks!

The pricing that I got on the Neutrik 1/4's was from Markertek Video Supply.
The pricing did not list minimum quantities, so if we do a group bulk
purchase maybe we could negotiate a better price.

The part #'s are as follows:

NP2C - 2 Conductor Silver
NP2CB 2 Conductor Black

There web site is as follows:


Mark T

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From: J. Larry Hendry <jlarryh@...>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, July 27, 1999 11:22 PM
Subject: [motm] Patchcords - observations

>From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
>Well, my observation from the few that have responded is that people have
>their own favorite (or already purchased) cable. And, the discount for
>large quantities of cable compared to the 100' quantities we all each need
>does not appear to justify a bulk purchase and re-distribution.
>However, many seen to agree that the Neutrik professional connectors are
>the best 1/4 phone plugs. The Mouser price @ 25 is $2.41 black or nickel
>satin. The Allied price is $2.27 nickel / $2.56 black for 25 to 99. So
>looks like Mark's source below is the best price I have seen too. So Mark,
>where did you find these at that price and what was the quantity?
>I would think we could easily split up 1000 of these. I personally want at
>least 50 and up to 100. I guess it depends on the quanity price breaks
>from Mark's source whether is makes any sense to do a "bulk" purchase.
>Larry Hendry
>From: "Mark T" <mmt@...>
>Hi all.
>I would prefer the "roll your own" form, as I agree with Larry, the cords
>would be a minimum effort, lets leave the tough stuff to Paul!
>I think a bulk purchase of connectors and cables among the listmembers that
>are interested should be investigated.
>Here's my vote for the patchcord components, and the best prices I've seen:
>Neutrik 1/4" Black T/S @ $1.99 ea.
>Neutrik 1/4" Silver T/S @ $1.93 ea.
>I believe the Neutrik connectors to be the best available, as far as
>quality, speed of assembly, and value/cost ratio,
>buts thats just IMHO.
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