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Subject: Re: Patchcord kits - My Vote

From: mark scetta <n0nspaz@...
Date: 1999-07-27

i'm used the neutrik connectors myself and might be interested in part of a
bulk purchase. i also usually use L-2T2S and am in need of some more at
the moment so count me in for some of that. i usually buy through, pretty good prices but LMK what you guys come up with.


>Message: 17
> Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 23:53:03 -0400
> From: "Mark T" <mmt@...>
>Subject: Re: Patchcord kits - My Vote
>Hi all.
>I've been watching the patchcord discussion also and see the two approaches
>(readymade vs. kit).
>I would prefer the "roll your own" form, as I agree with Larry, the cords
>would be a minimum effort, lets leave the tough stuff to Paul!
>I think a bulk purchase of connectors and cables among the listmembers that
>are interested should be investigated.
>Here's my vote for the patchcord components, and the best prices I've seen:
>Neutrik 1/4" Black T/S @ $1.99 ea.
>Neutrik 1/4" Silver T/S @ $1.93 ea.
>I believe the Neutrik connectors to be the best available, as far as
>quality, speed of assembly, and value/cost ratio,
>buts thats just IMHO.
>For Cable:
>Canare L-4E6S Star Quad @ $0.43 / foot 1000' @ $379.00
>This is a heavier cable than the L-2T2S (4 - 21 AWG conductors plus a
>braided shield)
>Also, it is manufactured in more colors:
>Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow, White.
>I've used this cable extensively - road abuse proven - and prefer it over
>anything else out there.
>I was looking for the "Cloth Braided" cable also, you know the latest "retro
>look" stuff that the music stores sell for guitar cables, but I havent had
>much luck in finding bulk quantity, And I don't think there are enough
>"Vintage" toaster and iron power cords to fulfill my requirements : )
>If anyone has luck in finding this, let me know.
>I'd like to see the other list members input as far as costs go. Perhaps we
>can create a " Patchcord Shopping Network" !
>Mark T