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Subject: Re: Quad VCA/panner; Blacet; racks

From: Mark Pulver <mpulver@...
Date: 1999-07-21

Christopher Jeris (01:03 PM 07/21/1999) wrote:

>(3) ObMotm: Does anybody have their MOTM in an "open relay rack" such as
>Newark sells for about $130 -- one of those floor-to-ceiling 45U aluminum
>rectangles? How does it feel? Do you worry about the thing tipping over?
>I have a 20U black Quik Lok frame with the bottom 10U tilted, but it's
>going to fill up sooner or later :)

The tall relay racks are usually bolted to the floor...

We live for hem here at work, and I have had them installed at home in past
gear configurations. :)

The phrase of the day is "Power Hammer" for concrete.. :)