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Subject: Quad VCA/panner; Blacet; racks

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...
Date: 1999-07-21

Not to mention other modulars _too_ many times in one message, but ...

(1) Modcan has two different quad VCA modules, 09A with two CV inputs and
mixed outs 1&2, 3&4, and all, 11A "panner" with single CV inputs plus CV
for gain and pan on each pair and the group. It's not totally obvious to
me from the panel how the panner module works. I would like a multiple
VCA that can be either AC or DC coupled like the 09A (can the 110 be used
for DC? I forget - haven't tried because I don't have that many modules
yet). Maybe a 1U outboard panner/crossfader next to it?

(2) I just built and highly recommend the Blacet 2020 Frequency Divider.
It is a nice complement to the MOTM-120. The FD has a mix out with /1,
/1.5, /2, /3, adding a lot of harmonic color with the sub-fifths, and a
binary divide-down out switchable from /2^1 to /2^12 for sequencing.
(Unfortunately they share a single input.) A dip switch on the board adds
a simple internal RC filter to take a bit of the harshness off the square
waves. The FD doesn't have the "growling industrial monster" qualities of
the 120; instead I think it is more straightforwardly musical. Of course
Blacet's modules are not tanks like Paul's (I am glad the 3U fracrak is
enclosed!) but soundwise I think it holds its own quite well in a MOTM
system. (I guess it doesn't hurt to be driving it with a MOTM VCO. :))

Sadly it is only available assembled. John Blacet did a one-time run of
this module as kits for $85, but he shipped them all in a batch after the
closing date, so I couldn't review it until the kit was no longer

(3) ObMotm: Does anybody have their MOTM in an "open relay rack" such as
Newark sells for about $130 -- one of those floor-to-ceiling 45U aluminum
rectangles? How does it feel? Do you worry about the thing tipping over?
I have a 20U black Quik Lok frame with the bottom 10U tilted, but it's
going to fill up sooner or later :)