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Subject: Re: Milestone approaching / News

From: JWBarlow@...
Date: 1999-07-20

In a message dated 7/18/99 9:54:01 PM, synth1@... writes:

>When the '410 filter is released, I should hit my first major milestone:
>module #500 shipped!
>(Yes, I know I need little serial # stickers! It's item #118 on the to-do

Congratulations Paul! And I would think that, with such a large number of
modules shipped, that would encourage even more people to get into MOTM,
since it is obvious that your not a "fly by night" company and one could
really count on those MOTM bonus points.

>My goal is to ship module #1000 by Jan. 1st. Which is not shabby since
>recall it took Moog
>3 years to get to #1000 on the Modular and MOTM may hit that in 18 months.

But please don't sell out to "Norlin." (when did that happen, anyway?)

>Thanks to everyone's support and patience as MOTM starts to gel. I'm already
>dreaming of the sequencer
>coding tables! New feature I will support: "tap-tempo" clock inputs!


Other stuff:
1) How many chips does one get from On Chip for $38,000? I'd still like to
see this happen eventually.
2) I've been looking at the Emu stuff at Silicon Breakdown, and I was
wondering how similar the Resonant Filters were to the MS10 (and MOTM 410)
VCF -- Dave? Paul?
3) I admire your spunk Larry, with the rotary switch for the VCOs, but I
think a programer/quantizer solution would be better for me.