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Subject: Re: Milestone approaching / News

From: Andy Finch <andyfinch@...
Date: 1999-07-19

If the Technosaurus can get a good review with dummy modules, I dont think you
have much to worry about, Paul. Your only worry will be getting the system back!

For those of you the other side of the pond who dont/cant get SOS (Sound On
Sound), they offer an e-sub, about half the price of the paper version.

They also offer free links from their site, Paul.

Paul Schreiber wrote:

> SOS Magazine (huge UK publication) has agreeded to have a review of MOTM!
> This takes about 4
> months to complete. I suspect maybe in the Jan or Feb issue. This should
> make me a nervous wreck.
> At least I won't ship dummy modules to the reviewer as one of my competitors
> did (sounds like a Swiss
> dinosaur). Maybe I'll get the cover!!?!
> Paul S.
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