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Subject: Re: MOTM-800 ADSR Mod

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-07-19

If you look at the transistor from the front, facing the flat side, the
leads are

Emitter Base Collector


Paul S.

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From: Dave Bradley <daveb@...>
To: <>
Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 1:23 PM
Subject: RE: [motm] MOTM-800 ADSR Mod

>From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...>
>> I looked through the archives for the mod to give the 800 full ADSR with
>> only a gate signal,
>> but only came across the jumper wire from the Q1 collector method.
>> There was also mention of using a 5k resistor.
>That's the one. I just used a jumper, with no problems. Others have stuck a
>5K resistor in the line due to paranoia about potential transients or
>when plugging / unplugging a trigger input.
>I attached my wire not to the Q1 collector but to the top of the board at
>the nearest resistor connected directly to the collector (schematics are at
>home, so I don't know which resistor). I then cable tied the extra wire to
>one of the bundles going to the jack.
>> Which side would the collector of Q1 be?
>The collector pin can be deciphered from the schematic. The lead that
>connects perpendicularly to the vertical line in the transistor symbol is
>usually drawn from the left, and is the BASE. The lead that emanates from
>the vertical line at an angle with an arrowhead is the EMITTER. The other
>lead emanating at an angle without any arrow is the COLLECTOR.
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