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Subject: RE: a few questions

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...
Date: 1999-07-19


Look back in the archives for a simple 1 wire addition to your MOTM-800 to
gain full ADSR functionality from a GATE only input. You tap off a resistor
on the circuit board and run it to the Trigger jack's 3rd lug. If you plug a
trigger signal into the trigger jack, it works just like before. Many of us
have done this mod.

If you do this mod, then you can trigger your 800 from a VCO or LFO pulse
wave output for repeating rhythms, or from any standard synth gate signal
(including the Jupe).

Dave Bradley
Principal Software Engineer
Engineering Animation, Inc.

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> From: mark scetta [mailto:n0nspaz@...]
> Sent: Monday, July 19, 1999 10:26 AM
> To: motm
> Subject: [motm] a few questions
> From: "mark scetta" <n0nspaz@...>
> so i am wondering....
> besides a synth's kb or midi-to-cv unit, what else can produce a gate &
> trigger signal that i can use to drive my motm-800?
> my controlling keyboard, a jupiter 8, has only CV and gate outs. can a
> trigger signal be 'extracted' from the gate signal (they both
> start off the
> same (with a voltage 'pulse'), right?) so that i can use the gate ∗and∗
> trigger with my motm-800 (gaining full ADSR functionality)?
> is there a way, using currently available motm modules, to take
> in an audio
> signal and output a voltage based on the audio signal's
> amplitude? (like an
> envelope follower)
> thanks,
> mark
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