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Subject: Re: how does it work it ?

From: "JB" <lovedogathome@...>
Date: 2003-07-20

Obviously first take a midi cord directly from a keyboard and into EX
and see if it plays. If not then your prob IS EX. Do you hear
wooshing sound. If so, it means you will soon be visited by aliens
and taken away to their planet. No it would mean you need to reload
sounds, which is no big deal, unless of course you have no sounds.
In that case , get into your nearest time machine and go back to 1985

--- In, "freeireland14"
<freeireland14@y...> wrote:
> i just scored the rack mount for $65.00 but i cant for the life of
> get any sound out of it- i'm trying to control the synth with an
> oxygen8 running into into protools on a powerbook i guess im pretty
> slow but i cant figure it out-any help would be greatly appreciated-
> thanks in advance. regards,brendan