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Subject: Lost my patches!

From: "satnom2000" <satnomb@...>
Date: 2004-12-22

Yes it happens again. I lost my patches because my Poly crash when
I hooked it with my sequencer. You're right: I own the Mk1 and I
know that happens, I experienced that a lot. May be the simplest
solution is not to use my Poly with a sequencer. Simple but dull.
My question is, is there someone who perform the Eprom mod (just
take a look at this site for detail:
800_mk-1_sysex.htm)? I don't know if it is easy too perform that
mod. I already done the moog slayer mod (it gave so much punch to
my Poly, I love it) and wonder if it worth the trouble to do the
Eprom mod. I have a friend who can burn the Eprom for me, but is it
easy to find the IC 22 chip? And finally, is there someone who did
that mod and can give some clues.
Thanks for the answer.