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Subject: FS: 1x CS80 voice card

From: blchrr@...
Date: 2006-08-18

Hi there,

Ive got one CS80 voice card for sale, fully populated pcb and working.
Good for someone who wants some spare parts.

Ive got some references on analogue heaven, as rob belcher or
blchrr@... or blchrr@... (so you can check me out!)

Anyway, im looking for £120 ovno for the PCB. 12 custom Yamaha IG chips-
very useful for keeping a CS80 (or CS50/ 60) running in the future.

I accept Paypal (ship only to verified Paypal addresses) and also am happy
to send overseas. I ∗always∗ ship Royal Mail Airsure or Royal Mail
International Signed For (airmail / online tracking / insurance)

I sold a few of these voice cards earlier this year, they all sold pretty
quickly, this voice card is the last i have for sale.

OK thanks, mail me back if your interested!

Rob Belcher