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Subject: Re: [yamahacs80] Re: CS80 Repairs

From: carlos cestero <pureoldsound@...>
Date: 2006-06-21

Great news!!!!!!...I have a CS60 and chips will be a great thing to have again...would the Midi kit that is under R&D work with the CS60 as well???

"rorymcd@..." <rorymcd@...> wrote: The iG00153 is also used in the CS60 (and I assume the CS50) so if
the chip were available again, there would be a number of CS50/60
owners as well who might be potential purchasers. As a CS60 owner I
know I wouldnt mind having a spare.
BTW I have an original schematic overview of the CS60 (and the
calibration guide).
What is the best way to scan something that large and then piece it

-Rory McDonald

On Jun 20, 2006, at 2:38 PM, David Rogoff wrote:

> --- In, "kent_spong" <kent_spong@...>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > As from tommorrow KSR will be providing a new service to all CS80
> > owners. In the form of a board repair by post instead of humping
> > their CS80 to KSR for small repairs and upgrades.
> Excellent news Kent! Now if only the boards snapped into connectors,
> like Oberheim or Moog did: I'd be pretty paranoid removing all the
> wires from a KAS or TKC. There's also the issue of knowing which board
> to remove, but this will still be a huge deal to CS owners who live
> far
> away from the few of us who can fix these beasts.
> > In addition to
> > this I have decided to release the Dynamic Mono/Poly mod as a easy
> > to fit kit with everything needed to fit and play. All you have to
> > do is solder in the wires.
> Wow. Please put this in the CS-80 I sold to Richard and then ship it
> back to me :^)
> > I have been thinking about taking the midi aspect of the 80 to a
> > new level and producing a kit form of this too. The one thing that
> > seems to be needed is more control of the front panel sliders and
> > switches and an ability to store programs. Since I restore all
> > vintage synths as well as 80's, time seems to be the hardest thing
> > to get to work this all out, but I have made a start with the basic
> > outline.
> This gets back to the discussion I started here over a year ago when I
> was thinking of adding mods to my new '80. You can go on forever down
> this road. Years ago I would have modded the heck out of it, but with
> the high value of them these days it's hard not to worry about what
> mods
> might do to the resale value.
> >
> > Also some time towards the end of the year I will be refurbishing
> > glide strips with new gold plated spring and crushed velvet cover.
> > My 80 is now sporting a red velvet glide strip. :)
> Also very cool. While you're doing that, how about matching colored
> tolex we were talking about months ago:
> Speaking of which, Max sent me a picture of a CS-80 being fixed up
> that
> had the tolex removed on the lower half. The wood underneath looked
> just like the finish of the exposed wood around the panel. It looked
> really nice.
> >
> > I'm still having talks with Yamaha japan via Yamaha UK to get them
> > to run off a batch of IG00153 VCO's for me. So far I have got
> > a "well we might be able to do that" from them. So I am starting a
> > petition to get them to go for it as I feel they think there is not
> > enough people out there who want to buy brand new, dead stable, late
> > version CS80 VCO's. Yes who indeed?
> That would be great. It would be an expensive tuning, but possibly the
> last it would ever need!
> Keep up the great work Kent!
> David


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