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Subject: Re: I want to introduce myself

From: "David Rogoff" <david@...>
Date: 2006-04-04

--- In, "sebastian_cordoves"
<sebastiancordoves@...> wrote:
> I know that an oscilloscope is what I need, but I meter some pins
> that supossedly output steady ones or zeros, not pulses, and they
> don't work. Appart form that the YM26700 have a dark (carbon like)
> colour, that's very suspicius :(

Doesn't sound good!

> I think that I'm going to make sure if the Yamaha ICs are wrong or
> not, then
> if they are wrong I'm going to use the PAiA to drive the synth.

a KAS board just popped up on eBay - man are you lucky!