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Subject: Re: CS-80: make a plan for a servicing

From: pepeisnotadog@...
Date: 2019-03-22

Hi guys,

i have replaced all the "obsolete"components on CS-80 (el-cap, old CMOS, tantalium cap, etc) and install a lot of sockets etc etc. Now, I'mgetting into the calibration nightmare! And of course the most difficult partis that of "Complete VCF Alignment". 

The value I can't set are thevalues ​​indicated in the manual, but I also struggle to reach those indicatedin the photo within this group. I have a couple of doubts: is it correct to set the HPF for a voltageof 4Volt at FH terminal (resistor board) and then the LPF for a voltage of3.3Volt at LH terminal? Because I saw that putting these cursors in half (asindicated in the CS-60 manual, different from CS-80) I can reach much higher values ​​close to thoseindicated. The other doubt concerns the other parameters to be set on thecontrol panel (i know it is a silly and perhaps useless question but it is better to remove all doubt): Brilliance (at center) and Resonance (at max) are just two rightat the preset switch right? But what about the "initial-afterbrillance" on the top right of the panel? I left them at minimum to avoidfluctuations due to the aftertouch .. is it correct?

Obviously I found some doubts also in the values of the VCA 3 # and VCA 4 # gains, I read that at least I'm not the only one to have had doubts about the indicated values..

This synth is amasterpiece, but how hard (and long) it is to achieve correct calibration! Ithought that the replacement part of the components (several hundred) was themost tiring but maybe I was wrong;)