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Subject: Re: [yamahacs80] Proper LSI values on Kas Board-Sharing project

From: The Old Crow <oldcrow@...>
Date: 2015-03-02

  There is a complete analysis of the custom chips in the Yamaha CS Servicing Guide.  I used this book to work out IG series equivalent circuits a dozen or so years back.  It covers the YM parts too.  There was a pdf of it up somewhere....yeah, here:


On 3/1/2015 7:17 PM, gearfire01@... [yamahacs80] wrote:

Hello CS80 users,

Probably as most CS80 owners, i am aware that the most critical parts in the beast are the 2 main LSI's (YM26600&Ym26700), as their failure could quickly become problematic, since they are Yamaha proprietary and for this reason, hard to find/replace.And because they are the brain of the system, i guess it's important to rely on them in first place, before doing any other work/check further in the synth.