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Subject: Re: Blade Runner - Untitled

From: zaum <zaum@...>
Date: 2010-04-30

yes, I think it sounds like the plug-in. Vangelis playing the real
thing would have all the and articulation articulation and nuance of
the real thing.

My point about the cassette is it doesn't have to sound like a
cassette, but a real recording from Nemo studios in the early 80s
might also be a demo or very duped but still wouldn't sound anything
like a home recording from the last decade (or last week). This
recording sounds like a home studio job. None of the hallmarks of the
real Blade Runner soundtrack like the early GS-1/2 FM, the grunge of
the old Emulator 1, the Vocoder Plus strings, and of course the nuance
of a real CS-80.

As for "music inspired by Blade Runner. There are 2 main sources.
There was the cover album released in lieu of the actual soundtrack,
that's not really "inspired by" but a whole conjecture as to what
happened. Then Vangelis' actual album a decade later had some tracks
not in the film and sounding like they had some ROMplers invented
later on them as well as his anniversary disc which is up front as
being new music inspired by the film.

Any case the youtube video does not sound engineering-wise of
composition wise like Vangelis or for that matter the early 1980s.


oh here is a plug-in Arturia track I did