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Subject: Re: [yamahacs80] Yamaha E70 - Electone CS80?

From: The OldCrow <oldcrow@...>
Date: 2008-02-27

It is not the same. The E70 & stage model EX-2 use wavetable
oscillators and have 7-note polyphony per manual, or a total of 11 notes
on both manuals together. The filters are close, they are IG00155
filter ICs that as far as i can tell only lack the key voltage control
input to scale the filter to a keyboard. The EGs, while exhibiting
similar parameters, are actually digitally programmed. I have an EX-2,
and I can get some CS-80ish sounds from it using the upper/lower coupler
for layering 2 patches, but it ends up sounding more organ than
synthesizer. It is a nice instrument nonetheless.


matrix wrote:
> There's a guy on YouTube putting up videos of the Yamaha Electone E70
> claiming it to have the same synth engine as the CS80. I put a couple of
> his vids up here: