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Subject: Re: [AH] FA:yamaha gx-1 coming up for auction in november

From: David Rogoff <david@...>
Date: 2007-09-09

Hi all.

I'm forwarding this to our CS-80 group. I couldn't afford the shipping
charges, much less the actual auction fee, but I hope someone around
here can! I really hope someone from Southern California buys it so I
can come take a look at it. I've only seen them from a hundred yards
away at ELP concerts...


Peter Forrest wrote:
> The superb ex-Mickie Most Yamaha GX-1 complete with its two tube-amped speakers will be coming up for auction on VEMIA at , November 3-10.
> It might seem a bit early to publicise it, with the auction finish two months away - but it's going to have a reserve of around 15000 UK pounds, so people will need time to organise selling the grandmother or yacht or doing the odd hour of overtime.
> It's in the UK, and unlike one or two of these rare monsters, it's in very good condition.
> I'll know more in a few weeks' time.
> Peter F