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From: fuse@...
Date: 2012-02-27

Thanks a lot Paul!

Your guide for changing the membrane switches may seem long and detailed and just the thing you need to get going. It looks a bit difficult to do it right but with some patience most people should be able to do the job.



--- In, "Paul D. DeRocco" <pderocco@...> wrote:
> The long promised replacement membrane switch panels have arrived.
> Initially, I am offering them for sale via this mailing list, using PayPal
> for payment. After the initial flurry of orders, I will start selling them
> on eBay too. The price here is $180 a set plus shipping; on eBay, they will
> be $20 more.
> Initially, I'm placing a limit of three sets per customer, in order to
> ensure that as many different people get their Polarises up and running.
> Once the initial demand has quieted down, if I have any left, I'll accept
> reorders, if anyone wants to stock any for future repairs. If I run out,
> I'll immediately order more, which should take 4 to 6 weeks.
> They will be shipped sandwiched between a piece of 1/8" hardboard and a
> piece of corrugated cardboard. The weight is 1lb 10oz for one set, 2lb 1oz
> for two, and 2lb 8oz for three. The size is 10" by 24" by 1/2". UPS Ground
> shipping for a single set varies from about $12 within California to about
> $18 to the East Coast. Faster shipping is a lot more.
> To order, send an e-mail to mailto:pderocco@..., with the word
> "Polaris" in the subject, and include the following:
> Your name
> Your shipping address
> Your phone number (for the shipping company)
> Quantity
> Preferred shipping method
> I'll go to the shipper's web site and figure out how much the shipping is,
> and respond with an e-mail invoice. Once you've paid via PayPal, I'll ship
> your items within a day or two.
> The panels are not too hard to install. I've posted a manual containing
> installation instructions with lots of pictures, if you'd like to see what's
> involved. It's in the files area at:
> It's broken into three PDF files, due to Yahoo size limitations.
> If you have any questions of general applicability, please post them here to
> the mailing list, so everyone can see the question and answer.
> --
> Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco
> Paul mailto:pderocco@...