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Subject: Re: [chromapolaris] Chroma Polaris II For Sale

From: Glen Berry <spamtemp@...>
Date: 2004-12-28

Can you provide any pictures of this unit?


At 04:35 PM 12/27/04 , fredgalpern wrote:

> I have a fully functional Chroma Polaris II for sale. The only thing
> wrong with the unit is the housing for the controls on the lower left
> side (bend and something else) is broken. The controls still work so
> all that needs to be done is to either tape the housing back in place
> or make a new piece, either way it shouldn't take much time to fix.
> I'm selling this unit because I have no need for it. I inherited it
> from a college roommate years ago and want to be rid of it. I
> understand this unit was only produced for one year and is fairly
> rare. Please email me at fredgalpern@... if you're interested in
> buying it. I would like to get a minimum of $500 for it.

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