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Subject: Questions on a certain Jupiter-8 stab

From: "hamsterdrum85" <hamsterdrum85@...>
Date: 2007-02-08


I have seen the Huey Lewis music video, "I Want a New Drug". I have
seen that a Roland Jupiter-8 was used. I am now supposing that the
answers to my unanswered questions on this site about "Is there
Something I Sould Know" by Duran Duran and "Human Touch" by Rick
Springfield, which had similar stabs to this song, was probably a yes--
it was probably done on a Jupiter-8.

Are these stabs user-made, or are they factory sounds? Can these sounds
be made on either the MKS-80 and MPG-80 or the JP-8000 and/or JP-8000?
Can anyone show me pictures of the Jupiter-8 with all of the analog
controls set to these stabs and send me as many different audio sample
of that sound as possible. I really wanted to know because I wanted a
sound like that in my 80's tribute band.

Please help me with tips ASAP.

Dean Rumsey