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Subject: Re: HELP

From: "tiwe1975" <timwel@...>
Date: 2006-10-15

Yessssssssssssssssssssssss,my Jupiter8 has revived !!!!Roland
Belgium could fix several problems,it costed 340euros but it's worth
every penny of it !!! Roland even brought the synth to my home,many
thanks and respect to Chrisophe Cools for the excellent service!!!
I gave him the link to this forum so expect a true jupiter-expert on
these boards :-)
I had memory-problems and couldn't load sounds from tape to my
Jupiter anymore,but he fixed it all!!!
Here's a little resumé on what he did with my JP8 :

-complete overhaul
-changed battery
-replaced memory IC's
-replaced flip-flop
-replaced LFO-MOD switch
-modification CPU-board (the biggest problem of my JUP8)
-repaired interface-board & portamento circuit
-loaded factory presets

The weight of my JP-8A was 31.700 kg and volume 0,239 m3

I'm so happy to have my Jup8 fixed and give a warm welcome to
Christophe to these boards,the guy who fixed it!!!


--- In, Dana Fiorucci
<dfiorucci@...> wrote:
> I agree after the Jupiter series I never had a real desire to buy
> of their synths.
> I agree also the Jupiter 8 is definitely the Rolls Royce of Roland.
> I did some programming for the factory patches on the Jupiter 6
and it
> didn't have near the warmth as the 8 but it was still a great
> Yeah I agree they market these quasi analog machines because they
> analog is what everyone wants and if they can't get the real thing
> figure they will settle for anything packaged like the old stuff.
> I sure would like to see Roland and other manufacturers do vintage
> of synths where the rebuild the old stuff close to the same specs.
> They could take advantage of new technologies in the areas that
> not affect the sound.
> Look what Moog did with the Voyager and now the Little Phatty.
> Good Luck on your repairs and do keep us posted on the progress.
> Dana
> Hi Dana,I just returned from Roland Belgium.They are gonna do as
> as
> they can!
> DID YOU KNOW that the big boss of Roland (Japan) visited the
> Roland
> anymore!!!
> So I was one of the last ones to have an old synth fixed at
Roland :-)
> When
> I came in the technician said : Aaahhh,the Rolls Royce of
Roland" :-)
> I find it a bit hypocrit : they don't want to fix the machines
> made
> Roland big but on the other hand they name their new machines
> sh201,MC808
> etcetc....All the same crappy softsynths in different packages :-
> I!ll keep you informed if my Jupitter survives,if not something
> me
> will die :-)
> Cheeersss and thanks for the super info!
> -Visit Dana's Synth Site