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Subject: Re: Jupiter 8 squealy output problem

From: "erikfromhere" <erikfromhere@...>
Date: 2006-09-04

I don't know if we I'm talking about the same, but on my jp8's
outputs (as well as on other jp8's)there's some low-level digital
noise on the outputs (just like the sound of a computer modem). The
sound changes when you press patch buttons to select another patch.
I've heard some other people complaining about this, so I guess it's
in the design...

--- In, "phil towers" <ptowers23@...>
> Hi all
> I have a later jp-8 (14 bit version) with a groove electronics
> i have a problem with the output (both xlr and balanced) for the
> part.
> there always seems to be a squealing (about 10khz) coming out of it.
> fine i can gate the channel, but the noise is still mixed with any
> sounds coming from that output.
> also, when i hit tune, you can very quietly hear the squeal again
> is it some kind of power supply issue?
> thanks for any replies in advance :)
> phil
> cosmic groove transmission