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Subject: RE: [Roland_Jupiters] Re: HELP

From: "Tim Wellens" <timwel@...>
Date: 2006-08-09

Hi Dana,I just returned from Roland Belgium.They are gonna do as much as
they can!
DID YOU KNOW that the big boss of Roland (Japan) visited the Belgian Roland
So I was one of the last ones to have an old synth fixed at Roland :-) When
I came in the technician said : Aaahhh,the Rolls Royce of Roland" :-)
I find it a bit hypocrit : they don't want to fix the machines that made
Roland big but on the other hand they name their new machines sh201,MC808
etcetc....All the same crappy softsynths in different packages :-)
I!ll keep you informed if my Jupitter survives,if not something inside me
will die :-)
Cheeersss and thanks for the super info!

>What you are calling the memory block is actually the Microprocessor.
>I do not have the schematics but they should source the actual part number
>You will need an exact match to that part.
>If you have a source of the schematics you should be able to locate the
>processor number.
>If you can find the part Roland should be able to install for you.
>Also is your version the 12 bit or 14 bit DAC.
>The 14 bit DAC have the DCB connection on the back and are known as Jupiter
>I'm not sure if they use the same processor again the schematics will tell
>you that.
>Hello,this is a little attachment to my previous email,I think I found the
> memory-block on the net...Is this the right one? follow the link
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