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Subject: RE: [Roland_Jupiters] Re: HELP

From: "Tim Wellens" <timwel@...>
Date: 2006-08-08

Hello,this is a little attachment to my previous email,I think I found the
memory-block on the net...Is this the right one? follow the link


>Sounds like the memory block is completely damaged.
>Look for traces of damage to the circuit board.
>It may require some kludge work if the traces have become damaged from a
>leaky battery.
>If this is the case and the techs where you are cannot perform this type of
>work I would start looking for one who can.
>I have an excellent tech here where I live in Wichita KS.
>Mike Metz his info can be obtained from my site.
>-Visit Dana's Synth Site