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Subject: Re:MKS-80 Versions and Sysex

From: Andrea TONI <atoni@...>
Date: 2006-03-25


Maybe u have an older OS version ?
i don't know what is the latest (5.0 maybe be the one)
but u can find out :

To check the OS version hold down the Auto Tune and Write
buttons and power the unit on.

i am sure ver 4 is better ..
.. the Roland IR-3R09 VCF chips are FANTASTIC !

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> From: "Dan Levey" <danl@...>
> Subject: MKS-80 Versions and Sysex
> I just got a Version 4 MKS-80 (w/ MPG-80) after having sold my Version
> 5 a while ago and find it responds differently to sysex than the V5. I
> had a Midiquest file and setup saved and all the patches load into the
> new one easily. Trouble is, I can't trigger a sysex dump any longer,
> it does not respond to requests from Midiquest as the V5 did. Is it
> likely there are differences in implementation between the 4 and 5?
> Anyone have a V4 and able to dump from the unit?
> I'll tell you one thing though, the V4 is far more alive and bigger
> sounding than the V5.
> Dan