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Subject: RE: Programming Sounds--What the hell am I doin g wrong?

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo_Verschut@...
Date: 1999-10-06


Good question...what are you doing wrong? I've always found the JP8 a very
easy synth to program on, as well as 'on-the-fly' as pre-defined. The layout
of the patch panel works great when programming intuitively. Everything is
visible at one glimpse. So, indeed, what could you be doing wrong?
Experience with digital machines (as the ESQ1) should already have tought
you a lot about synthesis in general, so I don't think it is necessary for
you to start some kind of course...

Are you sure your machine is 100% functional? E.g. do both the VCOs work?
Have you tested this (by changing the pitch of VCO 2 and listening how it

Hint: If you're looking for 'fat' sounds with a lot of bass-tones, throw the
HPF slider all the way down (= off). Playing around with the other knobs
should get you some fine results within half an hour!

Let us know what your findings are.


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~ Subject: [Roland_Jupiters] Programming Sounds--What the hell
~ am I doing
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~ Hello,
~ I wanted to know if anyone out there has some
~ programming tips to offer w/ the Jupiter-8. I'm intent
~ on replacing the crap sounds that came w/ my JP-8, but
~ I am not coming up w/ sounds that are as good as the
~ ones I programmed on my JX-8P, and I know that the
~ JP-8 is capable of so much more. Do you guys have any
~ suggestions for programming certain types of sounds
~ (pads, strings, weirder synths?). It's not that I've
~ been lazy, it's just that I was weened on programming
~ digital synths (ESQ-1, DX-21, XP-50)and maybe I'm
~ missing the boat on the fundamentals of analog
~ programming. Any tips on programming out there?
~ Thanks,
~ Philip
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