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Subject: re" jupiter 4

From: "mcanterel" <D_troit@...>
Date: 2005-05-16

I have just joined the JP4 group...

Does anyone know of a JP4 that has had a CV/Gate mod that
can be send over every voice....My JP4 has CV/Gate I/O but only
sends on the first voice, i.e in Poly 2 mode it sends on the first
but in Poly 1 CV info is sent every 4th voice....this is a bit of a
hassle as the arpeggiator is akin to Poly 2....So if I want to
sequence an external synth with my JP4 arpegiator than I only
hear every 4th note. At times this can be novel but it would be
great to be able to switch between them.

What are some of the other mods available for this guy?