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Subject: Programming Sounds--What the hell am I doing wrong?

From: Philip <synth72@...>
Date: 1999-10-06


I wanted to know if anyone out there has some
programming tips to offer w/ the Jupiter-8. I'm intent
on replacing the crap sounds that came w/ my JP-8, but
I am not coming up w/ sounds that are as good as the
ones I programmed on my JX-8P, and I know that the
JP-8 is capable of so much more. Do you guys have any
suggestions for programming certain types of sounds
(pads, strings, weirder synths?). It's not that I've
been lazy, it's just that I was weened on programming
digital synths (ESQ-1, DX-21, XP-50)and maybe I'm
missing the boat on the fundamentals of analog
programming. Any tips on programming out there?