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Subject: Free Samples

From: "shmaigenja" <glennjamison@...>
Date: 2005-04-25

Download Free Electronica Loops at

PlanetSample produces sample CDs catered to a variety of Electronica
styles. Our CDs come in a number of formats including .WAV
(acidized), Apple Loops, Audio, Reason Refill and E-mu EOS.

We have recently had press releases featured on the Harmony-Central,
Keyboard Mag, EQ Mag and Synthtopia websites.

PlanetSample offers safe and secure payment options and we never share
your information. We have sold to over 1000 customers on e-bay and
maintain a 99.7% positive feedback rating.

Some of the things PlanetSample customers have said about our CDs:

Hello. I just received my order of "Elements of Electronica". It's
amazing! Thank you. I can tell it will be all over the latest film I'm
scoring. Great job!

Perfect quality product. Super fast delivery from Canada to UK. Great

Great samples! Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

My item shipped fast. Cinematic sounds, great stuff. I'm pleased. thanks.

Weird & Wonderful Sounds. Excellent Seller

AMAZING techno sounds and effects and loops and beats. Thanks
man...Pure Awesome

More good electronica styled samples/loops,and speedy shipping again :)