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Subject: Please Join :)

From: "Colm Barry" <colmbarrymusic@...>
Date: 2005-04-13

Irish Music Artists wish to welcome you all to join..
We have discussions, photos, midi & karaoke files,
education, music jokes,links to important sites, polls,
database for you to promote yourself and your music.
After our first month, we now have many musician's and performers
who wish to meet others to help and ask advice too.
You are always welcome to join, to promote yourself and also
to promote this group there too.
Kindest Regards,
Colm, Moderator, Irish Music Artists

Please note:
Our messages are not intended to be spam.
Should anyone have any objection to their posting here, please
email colmbarrymusic@... and we will cease our promotions.
Thank You.