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Subject: Re: Received MKS-80 .... problems

From: "rkruege1" <rkr1@...>
Date: 2005-03-16

Guess there's not a lot of MKS-80 people here :-p.

From what I've been reading, I've found that this is how the 2
function with eath other. I am a bit disappointed as live performance
is somewhat hindered by this, but I will make do.

--- In, Robert Krueger <rkr1@t...> wrote:
> I just got my MKS-80 and programmer today. Needless to say I
> immediately started playing with it and I think I've found some
> problems. I notice that when using the programmer, the edits aren't
> smooth. If I sweep, say the filter freq or LFO rate, I get very
> noticable stepping. I can see the values jumping around as I move ANY
> knob or slider. I can start at 0 and slide up about 1/4 of the length
> before it will finally jump to about 17 or so, etc etc...
> The cable the person sent to me seems to be makeshift. It's a
> cat5 cable with 6 pin connectors on the ends, wrapped with
> electrical tape. Since I never owned one, I dunno if this is the norm
> or not.
> So, is this the normal function of the programmer, or is it possible I
> have a bad cable, or maybe even a bad MKS-80??
> Is there somewhere I can get a working cable if that is the issue?
> Please help... thanks.
> Robert