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Subject: Re: Help! How do I load sounds back into my MKS-80?

From: "subliminalwarrior2000" <subliminalwarriors@...>
Date: 2005-01-05

--- In, "William Butler"
<nansbears@c...> wrote:
> Do you know where I can purchase the SoundDiver software? I'm
having trouble locating it. Plmk & again thanks!

Howdy Bill

Am afraid SD is no longer supported on PC so a secondhand copy will
have to be the go.

Not too sure if this means that SD 3.05 is now in the public domain,
if so maybe a good samaritan might pop it in your mail box.

Tis a good program for snapshotting & editing a large range of
hardware so longterm use is still assured.

Again hope this helps.