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Subject: Re: Help! How do I load sounds back into my MKS-80?

From: "subliminalwarrior2000" <subliminalwarriors@...>
Date: 2005-01-03

--- In, "William Butler"
<nansbears@c...> wrote:
> Hi, when you mention"initialize", are you referring to turning on
the unit or is there a button/or series of buttons that need to be
pressed to reset the unit? I only have a copy version of the owners
manual & I do not see a re-set button mentioned in it. If you would,
please clarify & thanks, Bill.

Howdy Bill

There is no reinitialize option on the Mks80 it seems. Usually this
allows you to reset the whole synth back to factory preset.

Looks like you will be going Sounddiving!

Happy to help when you go down this road.