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Subject: Re: Help! How do I load sounds back into my MKS-80?

From: "subliminalwarrior2000" <subliminalwarriors@...>
Date: 2005-01-03

--- In, "L8RDOOD" <nansbears@c...>
> I recently purchased a MKS-80 from Ebay. When I got it, it was
> damaged(the auto tune knob was pushed in). I had it repaired(the
> front board was replaced). My problem is that I receive only about
> 4 sounds. When I push on any of the other presets, they play one
> the same sounds as the other presets(they duplicate the others). I
> was told I needed to reload the sounds(I guess through a sys.ex
> dump).
> Since I have never done this or even know where to look, I need
> help. I was able to download the sys.ex files containing the
> from the internet to the computer but how do I get them in the MKS-
> 80? I do have a M-64c cartridge(it doesn't seem to have all the
> sounds on it-maybe a couple). I also have the MPG-80 programmer.
> Please help if anyone knows how to do this & thanks in advance :)


Sounddiver will allow you to load all the factory patchs back into
the Mks80 quite easily. Just need to make sure memory protect is
off when you send then put back on after.

Sounddiver will allow you to get inside & create banks for you.

Does Initializing the Mks80 again reset your patches?

See how you go. If you have sounddiver running already then it will
be a few simple steps but if you dont have sounddiver then we will
have a couple of things to do first for sounddiver setup.