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Subject: Help! How do I load sounds back into my MKS-80?

From: "L8RDOOD" <nansbears@...>
Date: 2005-01-02

I recently purchased a MKS-80 from Ebay. When I got it, it was
damaged(the auto tune knob was pushed in). I had it repaired(the
front board was replaced). My problem is that I receive only about 3-
4 sounds. When I push on any of the other presets, they play one of
the same sounds as the other presets(they duplicate the others). I
was told I needed to reload the sounds(I guess through a sys.ex
Since I have never done this or even know where to look, I need
help. I was able to download the sys.ex files containing the sounds
from the internet to the computer but how do I get them in the MKS-
80? I do have a M-64c cartridge(it doesn't seem to have all the
sounds on it-maybe a couple). I also have the MPG-80 programmer.
Please help if anyone knows how to do this & thanks in advance :)