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Subject: Re: [Roland_Jupiters] Digest Number 358

From: "Nathan Belomy" <fluxburn@...>
Date: 2004-06-17

well can't you block the emails with a filter?
Nathan Belomy
Aim = NathanBelomy
----- Original Message -----
From: Ricardo Verschut @ Jura Music Productions / The Engine Room
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 7:49 AM
Subject: RE: [Roland_Jupiters] Digest Number 358

Hi guys,

I probably do not need to take the effort at all, but as you might have
noticed someone is spamming our e-mail list with e-mails about what they
call "financial help when in debt".

Let us be the smarter party... Do not reply to these messages, do not click
on the links enclosed and just let us try to ignore this nonsense e-mail
horror without getting too angry... I can assure you that these e-mail
terrorists are not a member of our friendly Jupiter-lovin' community and
that everything they write to this list is a complete lie.

That's all.

Your modest moderator,
RVe / aka JP8

Als je wilt weten hoe het met Luke gaat;
de laatste nieuwe foto's vind je op:

>Message: 1
>    Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:05:54 -0000
>    From: "llnkdkcz21" <llnkdkcz21@...>
>Subject: Important News for Roland_Jupiters Members
>I was really far into debt.
>Like Most I was in Financial dispair.
>I could not seem to get ahead no matter how hard I tried.
>Untill I found this place.
>If you are in debt they can help you out.
>Check them out today I did.
>This email was sent because you joined our group.
>If you do not wish to recieve any emails, unsubscribe.
>by sending a mail here
>Any information reguarding Remove Information can be sent to.
>Rua da Imprense,
>4347, R/C Bloco 1-33
>Maputo, Mozambique
>Thank You

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