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Subject: Europa helpful hints

From: "modorange333" <modorange333@...>
Date: 2004-02-26

Great idea, I'll try to get some "cheat sheets"made for the board.

Another cool effect was to turn off one of the oscillators, use the
highpass filter with audible resonance modulated by the LFO
random, and then use the oscillator mixer to "fade in" and out the
active oscillator. It sounds really cool. I am going to have fun.
BTW I have a question. Upon research I've noticed that some
JP-6's have a louder resonant filter when driven into feedback
than others. Mine could be slightly louder, I think. Is there a trim
pot on the filter board inside that can be adjusted to make the
resonance feedback louder when cranked up? Maybe this
adjustment is mentioned already by someone online..