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Subject: Re: Europa For a Jupiter 6

From: "modorange333" <modorange333@...>
Date: 2004-02-24

I got the Europa mod in the mail, very promptly sent, I might add.
In the beginning of the installation manual it say's "if you're
unsure, don't do it!" so I took it to my local electronics tech. He
installed it, it was easy for him, and now I have the JP-6 with
Europa. There are many extras the Jupiter 6 now has, including
expanded arpeggiator functions(a cool one is polyrhthm where
the arpegiator clock is subdivided by the number of notes played,
but this is only scratching the surface). I will have a learning
curve on this. The only complaint I would possibly have, or really
a criticism, is that the Jupiter seems less intuitive to operate,
because now things can be altered to a much greater extent.
This is, however, sure to be a short-lived gripe, as I'm sure once
I get to know everything Europa adds to this synth, it will become
intuitive once again, only on a higher scale. --- In, "modorange333"
<modorange333@y...> wrote:
> Well, I called Synthcom and spoke with Jeffrey, and told him my
> limitations with a soldering iron. He said I should be able to
> install the update easily, and if I had problems, I can call and
> they'd help troubleshoot it or, worse case scenario, I could
> my board and the kit back to them and they'd install it for the
> That seems like a great deal but when you add the
> I am not hip on sending this unless it is protected by a
> hardened-steel case)--I just decided to give it a try myself. I am
> MIDI moron but want the expanded Arpeggiator and
> and also have the open-ended MIDI for use later. Plus I think I
> got a really good deal on this JP-6, so I'm re-investing my
> savings with this upgrade. Jeffrey answered every question I
> had. It is really a rare thing to have available a
> backwards-compatible upgrade like this specific to the JP-6.
> They are doing it out of their love for the JP-6, I believe,
> obviously this isn't a huge cash cow for them or anything.