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Subject: Re: JP-6 / MKS-80 Comparison

From: "asemcken" <asemcken@...>
Date: 2004-02-24

Since I first posted, I've done a bit more fiddling to determine that
my JP-6 has nearly seven octaves of VCO mod range on both the ENV-1
and LFO sliders, prior to the "WIDE" setting on the bender board. Is
there anything else that can go that wide? Without a frequency
counter, I can't determine just how far the combination of max VCO
mod and max bend goes. Suffice to say that I can't hear it anymore,
even with VCO1 set at 32C. I can't seem to get nearly that amount out
of the MKS-80. I agree that the MM VCF is probably one of the coolest
things going, but I still miss the 2-pole lowpass sparkle my OB-8
had. Some of the VA's can do a decent job emulating it, but the JP-8
owners really have a cool thing in the 2-pole switch.

--- In, "modorange333"
<modorange333@y...> wrote:
> Without an MKS-80 to compare it to, my JP-6 would have to be
> every bit as versatile as I would want it to be, because of one
> thing it has that the MKS nor the JP-8 have. The multimode filter.
> The band- highpass filters available allows for many more
> interesting sounds, I think.--- In
>, "asemcken"
> <asemcken@y...> wrote:
> > Hi :
> >
> > Not trying to start a flame thread here, just an observation.
> > been slowly programming a bunch of my JP-6 sounds into my
> rev. 5 MKS-
> > 80 and a few things have come up :
> >
> > 1) I can't seem to get anywhere near the same range out of the
> > mod section on the MKS as the JP-6 gets. It seems to be
> almost a full
> > octave less.
> > 2) The XMOD seems to be acting the same way. On my JP-6, I
> can XMOD
> > VCO 1 to match pitch with VCO 2 even when tuned a full octave
> lower.
> > The MKS only works as far as a fifth lower.
> > 3) I have not yet been successful in getting similar-sounding
> > envelopes on both machines. The JP's seem "smoother",
> especially in
> > the transition between Attack and Decay.
> > 4) The "wide" bend setting on the MKS is also nowhere near
> as wide as
> > that of the JP-6.
> >
> > I've just recently calibrated the JP-6, and the MKS had the
> same
> > treatment less than 6 months ago.
> >
> > Anyone else notice things like this?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Adam