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Subject: JP-6 / MKS-80 Comparison

From: "asemcken" <asemcken@...>
Date: 2004-02-11

Hi :

Not trying to start a flame thread here, just an observation. I've
been slowly programming a bunch of my JP-6 sounds into my rev. 5 MKS-
80 and a few things have come up :

1) I can't seem to get anywhere near the same range out of the VCO
mod section on the MKS as the JP-6 gets. It seems to be almost a full
octave less.
2) The XMOD seems to be acting the same way. On my JP-6, I can XMOD
VCO 1 to match pitch with VCO 2 even when tuned a full octave lower.
The MKS only works as far as a fifth lower.
3) I have not yet been successful in getting similar-sounding
envelopes on both machines. The JP's seem "smoother", especially in
the transition between Attack and Decay.
4) The "wide" bend setting on the MKS is also nowhere near as wide as
that of the JP-6.

I've just recently calibrated the JP-6, and the MKS had the same
treatment less than 6 months ago.

Anyone else notice things like this?