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Subject: Re: jp8 3d led flashes - help

From: "jupesco" <mte@...>
Date: 2004-01-30

--- In, "iluvator"
<dir_marillion@h...> wrote:
> Hi, recently I noticed that each time I switch on my jup8 it enters
> automatically the self test routine (which otherwise needs to be
> initialized pressing both swiches 1,2 and 3 during boot-up).
> The problem is that after two complete cycles it stops on the 3d
> and keeps flashing it. When I play the instrument thereafter it
> seems that sometimes - but certainly not all the time - and not on
> all patches, a middle key (I think the B one in the middle of the
> keyboard) will not sound or will sound with very low level. Can any
> folk give me an idea of what is going on inside the beast? What
> 3d led flashing is trying to tell me? Thanks for any help guys.

There is something wrong with one of the oscilators, which one i have
to look up.

The cycle is the tune-up procedure, if one of the ocs fails, the led
will flash telling it didn't tune.

i will post if i have found it.