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Subject: Jupiter 4

From: "flashthedog2000" <flashthedog2000@...>
Date: 2003-10-15

I am new to this group. I am the happy owner of a JP-4 since
yesterday. It is in perfect condition and sounds very good. I don't
have the manual though. Does anyone know where I couls get one (or

I would also need some answers to the following questions.
1/ What is the function of the "mod" slider in the VCF section and
in the VCO? are they the same?
2/ What is the function of the "kbd follow" button?
3/ Can anyone explain me the role of the LFO? I know what it is, but
I don't really understand how it works in this synth.
4/ What kind of pedal can I use to plug in the "Filter c/v" at the
5/ Can you give me an example of the use of the LFO "delay" slider?

If you have some patches to give me, so that I can hear what this
beast can really do, don't hesitate to send them.

I found a patch sheet, either in PDF or JPEG at the following
There are also other patch sheets for different synths.

The JP-4 is actually my first real analog synth. I also have a
Prophet 600, but it's not mine. Besides, I have a midi
masterkeyboard Oberheim MC-3000, a Roland JV-1080 with several
expansion cards, an E-mu ESI-4000, a Novation A-STATION and an Akai
MPC-2000xl. I also have an Oberheim MATRIX 6r, but it is in very bad

Thank you in advance for your responses.