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Subject: Re: Jupiter-8 differences ?

From: "zipper_uk32" <stuart@...>
Date: 2003-10-09

> I'm considering buying an early serialnumber JP-8 ( around
140000 ). It's a 12-bit version with no DCB. I'm not sure of the O/S
Sounds very close to the one I own, the OS version is probably 1.2
You could update this to the the latest version if you want moveable
split point, and consider adding the encore midi retrofit.

> As I understand it, the main reason for the switch to the 14-bit
processor was increased tuning stability.

This is good and bad. Sure the tuning drifts and I need to remember
to hit autotune every now and again. The amount of heat the JP8
generates doesn't help.

14bit machines had a revised processor board fitted. The increase in
stability = decrease in fatness. 'Fatness' wasn't a good selling
point in 1983, so 14bit tuning makes the voices less likely to drift
and its this slight drift that creates the fatness.

> Does anyone have experience with both versions and can give some
insight to if there's any noticable difference in "fatness" ?

It depends on your point of reference. If you are used to working
with modern synths I doubt you will tell the difference. To be honest
I don't think 2 JP8s actually sound identical anyway. I've played
later ones and they definately sound differnt to my ears, but put me
in a blind test and I'm not sure I could tell once its in a mix.

> The seller wants premium bucks for this one, around 2200Euro, but

I'd say a fair price is probably around 1600-1800 Euro, they
certainly sell in the UK for between 800-1250 UK pounds

> Maybe I should look to other vintage synths as I have a number of
Rolands already, but damn it's one sexy machine !

JP8 would be the last possesion I would part with, I've got plenty of
analogs in my collection and a good number are Roland - it has a very
distinctive sound, and if anything it can be too big sometimes.

Hope this helps