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Subject: Jupiter 4 arpeggiator trigger

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2003-06-27

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 01:10:04 +0200
From: "Lars Johansson" <lasse@...>

Hanstein wrote:
> This question might be asked before.. but...
> The ext arpeggiator clock input on the Jupiter 4, how does it work? does
> "short circuit" the sleeve/ring on the jack with a certain speed (like
> per sec. for 60BPM, or 2 for 120BPM), or is it a certain resistant between
> the sleeve ring, or how does this work?

I haven´t tried it myself but I´d say that by 99% chance, the JP-4´s arp ext
clock in isexpecting a positive going pulse to advance the arpeggiator one

> I'm asking this because I wonder if I could control the clock via MIDI, by
> using the Novation BassStations trigger output and let a sequencer play
> 4/4 notes on the CV/trigger channel.. get it..? anyone tried this, with or
> without success? would it damage the Jupiter 4 (or the BassStation for
> sake..)?

Sure you could. Use the BassStations Gate/Trig output and program say a 16th
note sequence in your sequencer. The JP-4 will play a synchronized
arpeggiation. Make sure the notes are kept short though, preferably shorter
than a 32th note but occuring every 16th !

Hope this makes sense :-)