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Subject: Re: test

From: "microphone98055" <gill555@...>
Date: 2003-06-05

--- In, "microphone98055"
<gill555@a...> wrote:
> hello
New to group
I had a mks 80 for about six months now, its a newer revision with
the roland chips, and I must say its the fattest analong Ive ever
owned. I also have a jupiter 6, and its a beast in its own right.

I was just wondering if any one could share how they save patches
via sysex on their mks 80. I found the sysex recieve command on the
one of the mks 80 sites on the net, so dumping into the mks is not a
problem. I need the sysex string that tell it to send/dump data out.
I contacted roland and they were unable to get their mks to iniate a
dump either even though in the manual it states that this is easily
Ive tried the two third party freeware editors on web, but they are
unfinished, and wont send the patches back, and there in their own
format, not standard sysex format. I even tried using a midi logger
to record the sysex commands these two programs use to initate the
dump, but with no luck.
I have had no luck with sounddriver either.
there is the unisynth editor that seems to work, but its 150 bucks,
so in last ditch effort, As I have fully exhausted all my knowledge
on this problem, I come to you for any suggestions on this issue,
before I part with my hard earned money just so I can save my

Thanks in advance