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Subject: JP-6 problem

From: "John <calyx93@...>" <calyx93@...>
Date: 2003-02-17

Hi there!

I've had my Jupiter 6 for nearly four years now - and have recently
noticed a problem that perked my ears up. (I know this might be a bit
of a "dumb" question, but I'll post it anyway).

On every sixth note I play, only one oscillator sounds - well almost.
If I turn the mixer knob to VCO 2, there is a faint sound - but quite
low. Almost as if the ocsillator is still functioning, but the
amplification has been lowered significantly. I can get full volume
on the noise waveform though - strange, huh?

Is this a common problem among JP-6's? Anyone ever experienced this
phenomenon before?

Any help is appreciated! I just wanted to ask before I took it to a
repair shop.