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Subject: FW: [AH] JP-8

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Date: 1999-08-19

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Subject: [AH] JP-8, 808, CSQ-100 Parts Compatible ?

I know this is a stretch but I'm hoping for an informed answer, and where
else but here could I find it? I have a couple instruments that have
that are broken and I've been told that replacements are not available. My
Jupiter 8 has a broken pulse w. modulation source 3 way selector switch and

I have an 808 that needs a 2 way selector switch that controls A/B
variation selecton. Anyone know if the 2 and 3 way selector switches on the
completely useless CSQ-100 would be the same? Any sources for replacement
programmer switches for the 808- the colored ones along the bottom, a
one and a red one?
Thanks in advance, Paul Tillotson