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Subject: Jupiter 6 on ebay colin fraser

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2003-02-11

Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 09:02:45 -0000
From: "Christian Bickley \(Ephedra Communications\)"
Subject: Jupiter 6 on ebay colin fraser

Hi Colin,
remember me ?

I sold that Jupiter 6 to you.

I have owned both the Jupiter 8 and the Jupiter 6.
And have to say that they may share the same
names but they are very very different animals.
You will already know that if you have spent
any considerable programming time with a JP8.

When i had a JP8, I thought it was very
warm and a more musical should i say, and that
the 6 in my opinion and was capable of more
stunning sounds in comparison.

The JP6 was different and seemed to be capable
of much more wild oscilator ripping sounds, which
i miss much more than the Jupiter 8.

Inside these synths, you can clearly see that
they bear no resemblance to each other.

The JP8 has a special circuit board for each voice
and looks vastly complex, whereas the JP6
is simplified and uses a Curtis based chip set
from what i remember, when installing the europa.

So all in all, they are completely different, and if i
had the money i would have both sat in my dixon

I honestly wish i'd never sold that JP6, as the one you
have was best condition model i have ever clapped my
eyes on.

I'd buy it back if i could afford it, but cant :(

Good luck with the sale Colin.
And my tip for anyone looking for a JP6, check out
Colins, i think you would be hard pushed to find
one as good as his.