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Subject: Seasons and Sessions CD

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2002-11-27

Well, err...

I decided to make a 'few' CDs of own works that went never into production,
a.k.a. dust-collectors, stuff that for some reason (duh!) never made it to
the record companies... It appeared to be a lot more than I expected, so I
had a chance to pick a few pieces that would more or less fit together on a
CD. I called the compilation 'Seasons and Sessions, a selection of
unreleased scores, 1996-2000'.

Now I have a full length CD (78+ minutes!) with music that tends to be a bit
'personal'. The music style is a bit odd; potential thematically film scores
with hints of new age and classical/techno/lounge's all there.
Careful listeners might recognize a bit of Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro, John
Williams, Bach, Tangerine Dream, Camel...and much more. Influences and
inspiration were found almost everywhere.

I made 100 of them, for people who want to listen to it and for promo use. I
don't have the illusion these works one day will end up as a serious
production, so this is the one way to get them to a (small) audience. The
copyrights however are already registered. All pieces are original music,
composed, arranged, performed and recorded by me.

The CDs are homebrew, but accompanied with a nice B/W sleeve and inlay,
jewel case and label on the CD. The price is ridiculous; I want EUR/USD 5,-
for a CD + postage. This way I might gain a bit of money to do this again
some time next year with some other pieces that are still on the shelf.

Instruments on the album:
Korg; 01W/fd, P900S
Yamaha; TG55, CS15d, SK10, SK20, DSR2000, TX81z
Casio; VZ1pro
Roland; Jupiter 8, SC55, D110
Akai; S1000
Emu; Orbit, E64
Kawai; K4r

If you want a CD, email me privately. Come and get it!

Cheers for now and thanks for the bandwidth, sorry if this mail annoys you,